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Ticketek Pty Ltd (ABN 92 010 129 110) (Ticketek) provides ticketing services, including the sale and distribution of tickets, as agent for the venue, promoter or person responsible for holding the relevant event (the Seller). Ticketek is committed to working with Sellers to facilitate the accessible and inclusive sale of tickets on this site to all audiences.

For each Event, the Seller nominates seating which may be designated as seating for spectators with an accessibility requirement (including due to physical, hearing, or visual impairments) (such tickets are referred to collectively, as Accessible Tickets). These Accessible Ticketing Terms and Conditions (Terms) govern the sale of Accessible Tickets, as identified and made available by the Seller from time to time.

Please read these Terms carefully before purchasing an accessible ticket. By purchasing an Accessible Ticket from Ticketek, you agree to be bound by these Terms, in addition to the Ticketek Terms and Conditions of Sale, available here, each of which apply to both the original purchaser, and any subsequent ticketholders.

Accessible Ticket Categories

Where available, the following categories of Accessible Tickets may be purchased from Ticketek:

  1. Companion Card: A Companion Card is a card issued to people with a significant, permanent disability. Patrons holding a valid Companion Card are eligible for a complimentary Companion Card Ticket.
  2. Easy Access: Accessible Tickets are available for patrons with mobility issues or have accessible needs, but do not require a wheelchair location. These seating locations are typically accessible via less than 5 stairs, are located close to amenities such as toilets and may be close to the venue entry/exit.
  3. Hearing Impaired: A Hearing Impaired Ticket is available in selected venues for use by patrons with a hearing impairment, using hearing aids to access a hearing loop system.
  4. Sign Language Interpreter: A Sign Language Interpreter Ticket is available in selected events for use by patrons with a hearing impairment who require a sign language interpreter.
  5. Vision Impaired: A Vision Impaired Ticket is available in selected venues for use by patrons with a visual impairment.
  6. Vision Impaired with Guide Dog: A Guide Dog Ticket is available in selected venues for use by patrons with a visual impairment who require their Guide Dog to be present during the event.
  7. Bariatric: A Bariatric Ticket is available in selected venues for use by patrons who prefer a larger seat.
  8. Accompanying Guest: A seat that is located in an Accessible location for use by patrons who do not have accessible needs. An Accompanying Guest ticket can be obtained as a Companion Card ticket, or sold as paid admission.
  9. Wheelchair Accessible: A Wheelchair Accessible space, is a location which is wheelchair accessible because (a) the seat has been removed from that location to accommodate a wheelchair; or (b) the location is permanently a dedicated wheelchair space. A customer who purchases a Wheelchair Accessible seat will remain in their wheelchair for the duration of the event.
  10. Wheelchair Accessible Accompanying Guest: A seat that is directly next to a Wheelchair Accessible space, that can be obtained as a Companion Card ticket, or sold as paid admission.

Additional Companion Card Ticket Requirements

  1. When adding a Companion Card Ticket to your booking, you will be required to provide a valid Companion Card number. Ticketek will use this number for the purpose of managing your booking, and will store the number in a secured manner, in accordance with the Ticketek Privacy Policy.
  2. To obtain a Companion Card Ticket, you must purchase at least one value ticket in the same transaction. It is not mandatory that the value ticket be another type of Accessible Ticket.
  3. Only one (1) Companion Card Ticket will be issued per Accessible or paying ticket.
  4. Companion Card tickets are issued subject to availability in the venue.
  5. Where a Companion Card Ticket is issued, it will be counted towards any ticket purchase restrictions.
  6. At the election of the Seller, where a Companion Card Ticket is issued, the companion may not be entitled to all benefits associated with the accompanying value ticket. For example, if the value ticket includes memorabilia or merchandise, such benefits may not be provided to the patron holding the Companion Card Ticket in addition to the value ticket holder.

Ticket Collection

  1. You may be required to collect your Accessible Tickets at the Venue, on the day of the Event.
  2. You may be required to show valid identification to Venue staff at the Event.
  3. Patrons collecting a Companion Card Ticket may be required to show a valid Companion Card to Venue staff at the Event upon ticket collection.

Cancellation of Accessible Tickets

  1. Accessible Tickets are offered to customers with access needs and are intended for use by individuals with disabilities, their companions and accompanying guests. By purchasing an accessible ticket through Ticketek, you represent that you or a member of your party has a disability that requires the accessible features provided by the seating locations being purchased.
  2. Ticketek may investigate potential misuse of Accessible Ticketing where there is good cause to believe that such tickets have been purchased fraudulently. In appropriate cases Ticketek may, in its sole discretion, cancel an order for Accessible Tickets that it believes to be fraudulent or improper and reserves the right to pursue legal action against individuals who fraudulently purchase Accessible Tickets.
  3. The venue also reserves the right to relocate to other seats, patrons who have purchased Accessible Tickets, but who do not require accessible features.

Other Bookings

If you have any questions, or would like to make your booking by phone, you may still contact the Ticketek Accessible Seating phoneline (1300 665 915), or submit an Accessible Seating form, to receive a call back from one of our Ticketek sales representatives.